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Cash Discount

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees With Cash Discount and Surcharging

Maximize Revenue and increase savings with the ability to pass credit card processing costs onto customers through surcharging.  Offer a cash discount program with PAYMENTCOM'S all-in-one payment platform.

Offset Credit Card Processing Costs

Pass 100% of processing fees to credit card paying customers.

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Increase Revenue

Save thousands of dollars annually and increase payment flexibility with zero credit card transaction fees.

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Digital Invoicing & Recurring Billing

Clearly show the transaction cost and surcharge amount on all invoices, including billing for recurring charges.


Clearly display fees on surcharge-enabled terminals before processing and on credit card receipts.


Automatically show credit card users surcharge costs during the online payment confirmation stage and allow them to select a surcharge-free payment option including ACH, debit cards, and gift cards.


Easily review surcharge costs and confirm customer payments before charging cards on file or collecting payments over the phone.


Use any mobile device to instantly accept payments, send invoices, and add new customer payment methods from anywhere with the Stax iOS and Android App

Secure and Federally Compliant Surcharging

Feel confident knowing payment collection remains secure and compliant with state and federal surcharging laws.

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