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Private Client 

By Invitation Only

New Private Client Bonus

*Up to $2,000 per account.

Current Monthly Processing Bonus Levels
$500,000 > = $2,000
$250,000 > = $1,000
$100,000 >  = $750
$25,000   >   = $500
$1000       >  = $250

Private Client division offers more robust clients with a combination of concierge processing, expert processing platforms options from PAYMENTCOM, significantly reduced fees, and other cost savings benefits.

Many processors have independent sales agents who are supposed to assist the process. In turn they just make money off each transaction you process and selling terminals.


PAYMENTCOM'S Private Client program offers the complete opposite, plus can give you the power of payment technology expertise. To be sure, not everyone will qualify for these upgraded services, but the rewards for those that do are great.

PAYMENTCOM Private Client Agent

Processing can be a hassle. You most likely walked into a local bank and signed up for a merchant account at rack rates or an independent agent sold you a terminal and fees that lined their pockets who you’ll likely never see again. One of the most powerful benefits of being a PAYMENTCOM Private Client is that you’ll have your own private client agent.


You’ll be assigned one to two personal agents who will take care of all your processing needs. You'll also be assigned a personal technician who will install and take care of all your technical needs. They’ll also provide you with priority service and help connect you with other experts to help with all of your services.

How to Qualify for
PAYMENTCOM Private Client

PAYMENTCOM is pretty specific about the qualifications needed to take advantage of Private Client benefits; in fact, they only have one stipulation. To qualify, PAYMENTCOM must invite you to the network.


That’s not saying that you have to process $250,000 a month in credit card volume. PAYMENTCOM just requires that your business has stability and current processing is considered one of those qualifications, others include business type, length of ownership, and processing volumes.  


If you don’t yet process  with PAYMENTCOM or have never processed before, you may have luck getting a PAYMENTCOM account specialist to waive that qualification and only for a certain clients. If you would like to be a PAYMENTCOM Private Client, you can contact 888-999-6569 EXT 1003 to discuss your options.

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